Travel tips: Bali

The weather

Bali weather is characterized by two seasons; the dry season (April-October) and the rainy season from (November-March). The climate is mild to hot throughout the whole year with temperatures on average around 20 to 30 degrees Celsius.

Pack some light clothes, cotton fabrics, kaftans and open toe shoes. If you are visiting during the rainy season, do not forget to take a waterproof coat.


Where to stay

Despite being a rather small island, Bali has very varied landscapes. The centre of Bali (Ubud) is known for its rice terraces which inspired Elizabeth Gilbert on her best-seller “Eat, Pray, Love”. Ubud has boomed after the star buster movie adapted from Gilbert’s book so do not expect to find lush tropical forest and rice terraces but prepare yourself for crowds of tourists. Ubud is known to be the art center of Bali.


The East side of Bali is probably the most popular touristic area with some of the first luxury hotels built by the beaches of Sanur and Nusa Dua. The West area of Bali is a booming area with the hipster area of Canggu and shopping area of Seminyak.


Bukit, Uluwatu and Bingin, located in the peninsula of Bali are some of the most untouched and authentic touristic areas of the island with scenic cliffs, white-sand beaches and high waves perfect for surfers.


The “Bali belly”

Although most of the restaurants, bars, shacks and shops are following strict hygiene rules, it is common for tourists to suffer from the “Bali Belly”.

Make sure to take anti-diarrheic pills if you feel your stomach is sensitive to the food and tropical fruits diet of the island of gods. The “Bali Belly” usually lasts for two to three days only.



Shopping in Bali is popular and visitors can either shop in large shopping malls (Beachwalk, Bali Galleria Mall, Discovery Shopping Mall) with international brands at fixed prices or decide to shop in independent retail shops where your negotiation skills will come in handy.

The budget for shopping and enjoying Bali depends on you and the places you visit!



Bali is known for its beautiful Hindu temples. Most of them are open for public with an entrance fee. Visitors males and females are required to wear a sarong – a long fabric wrapped around the waist and covering the knees– before entering the temple.

Most temples are home to hundreds of monkeys who are notoriously stealing visitors’ food, it is recommended not to get too close to them as they are wild animals.


Getting out

Bali nightlife scene is one of the best in Indonesia. Make sure to pack adequate dress as beachwear are not allowed by night in most high-end restaurants.



Balinese drive on the left side. Taxis are very affordable and can be booked through phone call/phone applications or hailing in the street.

Visitors can rent a motorbike per day, week or month. You will be required to have an international driving license.