Our Commitments for a Sustainable Future

We take our responsibility in the climate change and do our upmost to protect the health of our employees and guests, our environment, natural surroundings and lead to a better future for the next generations.

To do so, we have looked at every possible aspect of our business in order to minimize our carbon footprint and ensure a safe environment. From the buildings architecture optimizing the use of natural lights; the non-use of chemicals in the gardens and pool but also at the restaurant with the use of locally grown produces, we have tried to think of it all.

Here is a list of all our commitments and actions for a better future:

-No individual packaging. Most single-use plastic end up in the landfills or get burnt out in Bali, which affect our health and the planet.

We provide you with tailor-made toiletries (soap, shampoo, conditioner and body lotion) in dispensers, all amenities come in bulk before being redistributed accordingly in each room, reducing the overall amount of packaging used during the process.

-No plastic toothbrush. Did you know that the first toothbrush ever made is still somewhere out there as we cannot fully recycle them?

We will provide you with an eco-friendly bamboo toothbrush, a great sustainable alternative!


-No plastic cotton buds/Qtips! By now we are sure you all saw the heart-breaking picture of this seahorse holding a plastic cotton bud thinking he is holding on a safe coral… If you haven’t, check this tragic picture here:


As award-wining photographer Justin Hofman said “it’s a photo that I wish didn’t exist” and so do we… At The Elementum we provide you with eco-friendly wooden cotton buds/qtips for a sustainable alternative to our usual plastic product.

-No plastic comb. OK let’s be real for a second here, we all love hotel amenities but have you realised the amount of plastic that represents?! We do offer you all the luxuries you would want from a superb boutique hotel but in sustainable/eco-friendly materials. Now doesn’t that feel good?!!

-We provide each room with a sustainable sanitary bag for discarding feminine products. The bags are made from cassava and are the perfect alternative to usual small single-use plastic bags.

The same applies for your garbage bin bags.

-No use of chlorine or other chemical for the pool as we have an ionised pool, allowing you to be in a safer environment and avoid those red eyes and awful smell on your skin after a dip! Bonus? Our nearby birds, dragonflies and butterflies taking a gulp of water from the pool won’t drink nor spread any chemical either!

-We collect the rain water to supply your toilets and shower, reducing the use of trucks as well (and CO2 emission) to come deliver tanks of water!

-Each villa is fitted with vegetal walls and a roof that will soon be encompassed by bougainvillea to control the room temperature, participate in the local eco-system and of course a great aesthetic!

-No plastic straws, no plastic cutleries or take away bags. We only use reusable stainless or bamboo straws, 100% biodegradebable food boxes and take away coffee cups along with cornstach lids while your take away bag is made from cassava.

What are you planning on doing to help us providing a better future for the next genera